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Why We Need A Better Debt Solution for Millions...

July 19, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1706 In the Media

Plymouth Radio Interview

Last week we listened to Stacey’s interview on Plymouth’s 96.3 Cross Rhythms Radio as part of the Community Matters part of the show:

“When I was younger I got into a bit of debt, as you do. I’ve started to clear it, I’ve got a car on finance now, I’ve got credit cards, but my fridge freezer broke and no one would touch me for finance. I went into pay weekly stores and looked at the price, but it was ridiculous. Then I went online and found Fair for You. They were great.”

Listen to Stacey’s full story here:


CEO Angela Clements’ interview:

“The feedback from our customers is brilliant, it keeps us going.

We spent a good 12 months developing Fair for You, asking customer groups what they needed.

People needed to know whether they could have that washing machine that same day. We made sure we have free delivery on the item, delivery within 3 days, taking away the old item without charge, taking away the packing. We tailored the solution to what customers said they needed.

When you get the feedback we get you can see we’re not providing people with a loan, or a washing machine, what we’re really doing is transforming that little bit of that crisis they went through into something they can live with, and that’s huge, isn’t it?”







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