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March 24, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1540 In the Media

Rent to Own provider, Buy as You View to repay £939,000 to customers


Fair for You (FFY) welcomes the news that Rent to Own (RTO) provider, Dunraven Finance Ltd, trading under the name Buy as You View has entered into an agreement with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to refund almost £1m to more than 59,000 customers for historic unfair treatment, including excessive fees and decisions on affordability.

As a social enterprise, FFY was established specifically to provide a genuine, ethical and affordable alternative to the RTO sector, and has held a full FCA lending licence since November 2015.

Commenting on the decision, Angela Clements, CEO of Fair for You said: “The FCA had promised to act to protect customers of the leading RTO companies in early 2015, and we welcome the news of this action. Buy as You View were not the subject of the majority of the concerns being raised during our independent consumer research, and that drove us to create the first national not-for-profit challenge to the RTO sector.

“We look forward to the completion of the FCA investigation into this sector and await with interest the further announcements regarding the organisations that we were being advised were causing the most distress and hardship in lower income households.”

FFY was developed over two years’ focus group research with lower-paid households to make sure the offering exactly fits the needs of those who can benefit, and is totally transparent, visible, modern and supportive.

Independent research has shown the genuine difference our lending makes to families compared to the high-impact, high-cost credit sector. For instance, Church Action on Poverty has compared buying a Hotpoint fridge freezer from Fair for You at £8.50/week for 69 weeks with the leading Rent-to-Own operator. At that same weekly rate, the same model would take 156 weeks, ie an additional 87 weeks, to pay off, during which time the customer will not own the item; a cost over-all of £1,326 rather than the £583.65 from Fair for You.

Fair for You’s first Social Impact Report, produced by the Centre for Responsible Credit, will be released later this week, and will outline the full impact of ethical lending to the lowest-paid in our society, not only economically but in terms of social and family cohesion, mental health and financial inclusion.

Download this press release here: FFY press release – 230316



  1. Fair for You Enterprise CIC is authorised and regulated by the FCA, and wholly owned by a Registered Charity, Fair for You.
  2. Fair for You is a lender who lends to allow the purchase of goods from approved retailers on its website –
  3. It seeks to change the way we lend to lower income households, by allowing them to pay weekly to enable them to purchase household essentials. It arose out of the credit union sector, and offers customers access to brand new household goods, from fridges and washing machines to cots and beds, on affordable, flexible repayments that allow over-payments and occasional breaks.
  4. Interviews can be arranged with CEO, Angela Clements or Fair for You customers – please contact 0121796 6768.


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