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Sunday 3rd April – Sara’s story

This is my first blog as CEO of Fair for You. We have been up and running for 3 months now, taking on the high cost credit companies that take money out of households that really need it.

Every day we get stories like Sara from London – who has just bought a washing machine from us. Her story, she has almost finished 3 years of paying Bright House for a tumble drier, fridge freezer and a TV – the TV alone has cost over £2,500. She has never a missed a payment, but had terrible trouble with her TV that took 8 weeks to be fixed under their obligatory insurance.

She needed a washing machine and had priced a comparable model at BrightHouse at £14.75 a week over 156 weeks – £2301 ! Through Fair for You her loan is £9.97 over 65 weeks, though she can overpay any time she likes and save interest. What will she do with the extra £4.75 a week. “It goes into the money pot, and we break into that when we need it – or to have a day out. Its what gets you through” she says.

As the Financial Inclusion Centre reported this week, its a sector that is expanding still. & its time to challenge that – and time for an alternative that is truly consumer led and there for customers.  Our customers aren’t asking for grants or a hand out just a fairer deal.

This week is a very exciting week for us, as we go live with our second retailer and add beds, cots, prams, bedroom furniture. All really essential items at the customer forums we have been running. & Dorset Homes have agreed to take away old mattresses efficiently and very cost efficiently – which was a major barrier to many mums that don’t have access to a car or time to wait in for council to take it away. I am proud that we listen to what people need and then we challenge our suppliers and our partners to deliver.

As always, my amazing team here are working hard to make this happen.  Its been a tough first 3 months, but we have saved our customers almost £1/4m so far and the feedback has been amazing. We take on lots of new customers every day, switching over from using high cost credit and putting money back in their ‘money pot’. We have no advertising budget, just customers that will speak up for us.

We are trying to work out how to get their words into a TV advert – any ideas do email me please at





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